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IPTAY Pledges $1.25 Million for Need-Based Scholarships to Clemson

Dec. 1, 2011

CLEMSON, SC – IPTAY, widely regarded as the model of successful collegiate athletic fund raising, has pledged $1.25 million for need-based scholarships to Clemson University.

“The members of the IPTAY board know that Clemson strives to create the leaders of tomorrow, instilling in students both the understanding and the drive that will change both their futures and ours,” said Charles Dalton, president of IPTAY board of directors. “Dwindling public funding, a struggling economy and increasing numbers of people entering higher education have created urgency for additional scholarships.”

Since 1934, IPTAY has been a source of strong, consistent support for the athletic program, student athletes and the general improvement of the university. With foresight, the organization also supports non-athletes through the IPTAY Academic Scholarship Endowment. The scholarship fund is the second largest scholarship of its kind at Clemson and has assisted thousands of students in attending.

Clemson University President James F. Barker said IPTAY support has been unwavering and vital to the success of the university.

“It is because of IPTAY’s commitment to a united Clemson that the university benefits from the mutual success of athletics and academics,” he said. “Its bold vision and will to lead continue to be essential to Clemson’s success. This partnership will help Clemson reach the goals set for our future and ensure an even stronger university.”

This gift is part of Clemson’s The Will to Lead ( capital campaign to raise $600 million to support students and faculty with scholarships, professorships, facilities, technology and enhanced opportunities for learning and research.

“Clearly IPTAY understands the needs of the Clemson student – both athletes and non-athletes,” said Brian O’Rourke, chief development officer. “Not only has IPTAY contributed greatly to the success of the Will to Lead campaign, it stands solidly in support of the same goals – supporting students and faculty at Clemson University,”

IPTAY membership includes more than 16,400 annual donors and an additional 5,500 Collegiate Club members. IPTAY stands for “I Pay Ten a Year,” a reference to membership costs when the organization was established.