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IPTAY In The Social Space

IPTAY In The Social Space

IPTAY In The Social Space  

Over the past two years, IPTAY has broadened its communications scope in the world of social media through both Twitter and Instagram. These information outlets for IPTAY have been used to inform IPTAY donors, students, alumni and fans of IPTAY’s goal of raising funds for scholarships, facilities and academic support for nearly 500 Clemson student-athletes. The account name/handle on both of these platforms is @IPTAY_. 

While is the primary source for in-depth and concrete information about IPTAY, these two social media outlets have allowed IPTAY donors and Tiger fans an inside look into our everyday operations. We are now able to provide IPTAY information in real time that includes events, deadlines and follower engagement initiatives. These efforts have been met with great success as we continue to grow our digital media presence to ensure that the IPTAY brand continues to spread and build national recognition. We would like to extend a big thanks to the more than 7,500 who have connected with us on Twitter and Instagram. If you have not followed us yet, it is a great time to get on board! 

We very much appreciate each and every IPTAY donor for their support of IPTAY and Clemson athletics. You are making a difference, and for that we are grateful. Our student-athletes are accomplishing many great things both in the classroom and on the fields of competition. This would not be possible without your generosity. 

Go Tigers!