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IPTAY Doubles Its Previous Fund-Raising Record

IPTAY Doubles Its Previous Fund-Raising Record

Aug. 21, 2001

Clemson, SC – IPTAY raised over $20 million in pledges during the 2000-01 fiscal year according to data released by George Bennett, executive secretary of Clemson’s scholarship fund-raising organization. The figure was more than doubled the previous record set last year.

The official dollar figure for the pledges for IPTAY 2001 was $20,278,795.80, shattering the previous record of $10,062,859.70 set during the 1999-00 fiscal year. Bennett announced that the organization had 24,879 members during the year that closed June, 30, 2001, also a record.

“We had a great year and much of the reason for it is the great feeling people have about Clemson under President Jim Barker and Athletic Director Bobby Robinson,” said Bennett. “Clemson people feel great about what has been going on at the University.”

Bennett said there were many other reasons for the increase, including a change in the Life Member program, the Tiger Pride campaign and the growth of the endowment program. He reported that the Tiger Pride Campaign raised $7.5 million this past year (not included in the above $20 million total) and now has raised $23 million. The Tiger Pride Campaign has a goal of $65 million.

“We have begun a lot of digging at our athletic facilities on campus and raising money for the Tiger Pride campaign will be our emphasis this year,” said Bennett. Construction has already begun on the new annex at Littlejohn Coliseum. Renovations to the South Side of Clemson Memorial Stadium will be ready by opening day. Further renovations to the West end of the stadium will begin after this football season.

Bennett said it will be difficult to top the fund-raising numbers established this year, but he and his staff are taking a positive approach. “We want to thank all the members for their pledges this year and especially the 750 IPTAY Representatives. They do a great job of selling our story around the country.”

Bennett also announced that season ticket sales for the 2001 Clemson football season had reached 57,365, just 260 short of the all-time record.