Game 3: Post-Game Quotes

June 4, 2005

NCAA Regional (Clemson, SC) Game 3: #3 Oral Roberts vs. #4 North Carolina A&T Post-Game Quotes

Oral Roberts Head Coach Rob Walton “Obviously it’s good to keep playing. It’s nice that we were able to come out and score early. We had numerous opportunities to score, and I would have liked to see us get a few more. Overall I’m happy to be here and I feel good about the victory against North Carolina A&T.”

On Taylor McIntyre’s pitching performace “Taylor McIntyre had a solid performance. I’m not sure it was his A-game, but he was very solid. He gave us an opportunity to continue our season. Any time you get in a situation with bases-loaded and you have a great pitch like his curve ball it definitely helps. It’s a credit to him that he does not get frazzled in situations like that.”

“We have struggled to get guys on base all year. I was pleased with the six runs in this game, but we have to be better at executing in key spots. With the problems we’ve had with scoring all season, I was semi-satisfied with our scoring today.”

On preparing for tomorrow’s game and choosing a starting pitcher: “We will have to look at the match-up, but it will likely be Nick Jones. Both Clemson and College of Charleston are really good clubs and we are going to have our work cut out for us.”

#18 Taylor McIntyre (LHP)Regarding his curve ball “It’s not the best that it’s ever been, but it was better today than it has been most of the year. I’ve been struggling with that pitch this year. My strategy when North Carolina A&T had runners on base was to keep the curve ball in the zone and let the defense work. I knew that if I was able to make them hit the ball on the ground that the defense would do the work.”

#25 Dennis Bigley (1B)On the team’s offensive performance: “We have been struggling to get on base all year. It was good for us to start stringing hits together today, but we have to improve on getting clutch hits, especially against teams like Clemson and College of Charleston.”

North Carolina A&T Head Coach Keith Shumate “We started six freshman today, and I am really proud of the guys. We now know what it is going to take to come in here and win one of these games. John Primus did a great job pitching for us today. We were not on it offensively to actually contend for the tournament. Their pitches really threw some tough off speed pitches to us and he did a great job of getting ahead. We were just not quite where we want to be in swinging the bats.”

“This experience has taught us a lot and I cannot be anything but positive about how we have come in here and played. I think we have gained a lot about people seeing our baseball program and seeing what it is capable of. I think we will be back and I believe that whole heartily.”

North Carolina A&T Center Fielder Jeremy Jones “We came in here and played them just like any other team. We really did not have any jitters. We just needed a couple more timely hits like coach said. We just didn’t play well enough to win the game.”