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Friday Focus ? Roper & Blossomgame

Friday Focus ? Roper & Blossomgame

In our latest installment of Friday Focus, we talked with junior guard Jordan Roper and redshirt sophomore forward Jaron Blossomgame after a one-hour team workout in the annex gym. The two roommates combined for over 1,400 minutes and scored 422 points in 2013-14 on the Tigers’ NIT semifinal team. Both are expected to hold prominent roles on the 2014-15 team as well.

How do both think the first few weeks of fall workouts have gone? What are Roper’s expectations for the 2014-15 team? And who distracted Blossomgame in the middle of his interview? Find out answers to these questions and more in our latest quick video feature.

To view the video, click the YouTube link on this page.