Engler and Glover Answer Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Engler and Glover Answer Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

May 3, 2001

Lucas Glover John Engler

Below are John Engler’s and Lucas Glover’s answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank John and Lucas for their time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”. ___________________________________________________________

John and Lucas, Georgia Tech seems to always be a few strokes lower in the tournaments you have played with them. What do you have to do to beat them in the NCAAs that you have been unable to do in the tournaments thus far?Chris Carroll Baltimore, MD

Chris, Georgia Tech always seems to make more putts than we do. Our ball striking is probably the best in the country, but we have to putt a lot better to contend for the national championship.Lucas

Chris, Well I think that the golf course at NCAA’s sets up good for us and that is going to be a huge advantage. But the biggest thing for us is that we have to make a few putts and get some confidence. If we can do this then we won’t have any problems beating Tech.John

John and Lucas, What do yall see in clemson golf’s future? Who will be the one to step up next year for the team?Ryan L Brockington Clemson, SC

Ryan, I think that next year will be kind of be a rebuilding year. Losing four seniors will be tough but we have some players that are capable of stepping up for us next year. I think DJ Trahan will be the mainstay next year, with Gregg Jones and Ben Duncan being experienced players for us. Matt Hendrix could be the one that has to step it up for the Tigers next year. Matt has a lot of game and can help us out with good solid play. I also think some of the freshmen might play some. Brian Duncan and Martin Catalioto are both good players that could push our older players for a spot in the lineup.John and Lucas

What’s up boys? First, I want to congratulate both of you on outstanding careers at Clemson. Having the opportunity to play with both of you while I was on the team was awesome. John, congratulations on the ACC Championship. Lucas, I’m just waiting on you to win at NCAA’s. My question is because the course at Duke is long and fairly difficult, do you feel as I do that that will favor our team over someone like Georgia because we have always played well where par is a very good score instead of having to shoot lights out every round? All former Tigers are behind you all the way and will be there with support come June. Go Tigers!Luke Ferguson Rock Hill, SC

What up Luther, yeah I agree that the course sets up good for us. It is long and we will have to drive the ball straight, and hit a lot of greens. That will suit us just perfect. If we putt well it might just be our year.Lucas

Luke, What’s up! I hope that you are doing well. The answer to if Duke sets up perfect for us is yes, we have a team now that hits the ball pretty long and straight and that sets up perfect for Duke. I think that we will win if we can make a few putts! See you their, it should be a great week!John

Lucas and John, What is the best and most demanding golf course that you and your teammates play and practice on in the upstate?Rhett Baker Aiken, SC

Rhett, honestly the courses around here are not very demanding for our team. Each course that we play has its advantages for us. Boscobel really helps our putting and our short games. Pickens CC helps our wedge game and our confidence, because we usually shoot good scores there. Smithfields CC helps us a lot off the tee. It is tight and demanding and we have to drive it good to play well. Cross Creek in Seneca is the best to help us with the most parts of our games.John and Lucas

John, How do you keep from getting mad and breaking clubs on the golf course? Mitchell Simmons Clemson, SC

Mitchell, I keep from getting mad on the course just because I look at it as there is nothing I can do about the last shot I just hit. If you think about things that have already happened then I think you lose focus of your next shot, which could end up being worse then last bad one.John

Fellas, What was the draw for both of you to become Tigers?John Caudle II Columbia, SC

John, for me it was easy. I grew up over here and have always loved Clemson, the area, and the campus. My grandfather played three sports here and used to bring to all of the games and stuff growing up. Then when I found out what a solid program Coach Penley had and what a great coach he was that sealed it for me.Lucas

John, The reason that I came to Clemson was because of the golf program here. I think that Larry is a great coach and a great recruiter. Plus the history of the golf program here at Clemson also made me realize that it wasn’t going to change anytime soon! I am glad that I did come here! It has been the greatest four years of my life and I definitely have orange in my blood now!John

Lucas and/or John, First I would like to say congratulations on outstanding careers. My question is, what tip would you give someone that cannot quite get to the level that takes to play for Clemson. I am a junior in high school and have been sitting around a 3 handicap for a year. I cannot seem to get down in the red too often. How did y’all get past that hump? Thanks and good luck in East Regionals and NCAAs.Jack Brouder Charleston, SC

Jack, your short game is the most important part of your game. You have to be able to chip and putt better than anything else. Making your birdie putts and saving pars when you miss greens will get you in the red and keep you there. My advice would be to dedicate yourself to the short game and that will take the pressure off of your long game.Lucas

Jack, I would tell you to concentrate on your short game. I tell you in college there are some guys who don’t hit it well at all but they sure can putt. I would tell you to work on your putting, and hopefully that will take you over the hump!John

Lucas and John, Congratulations on great careers and hopefully we haven’t seen anything yet. What are your plans for the future as far as professional golf goes? Have you both lined up caddies and spoken with sponsors and all of that, or will you figure that out later? Good luck in the post season.Tommy Blackshear Wilmington, NC

Tommy, I am coming back to Clemson next semester to finish school. I might turn pro during the fall semester and go to Q-School. If not I will turn around the first of the year. All of the little things seem to fall into place once you get out there and get a place to play.Lucas

Tommy, I am graduating in May. I will be turning pro sometime late this summer. I am going to play in all of the major amateur events and then turn pro in August. As far as all the little things that go along with professional golf I have not thought about it much, simply because when I get out their everything will fall into place.John

Thanks, everyone. We enjoyed it. Hopefully we can do this again with a National Championship under our belt. Go Tigers! Lucas Glover and John Engler

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” will the Director of Student-Athlete Enrichment, Bill D’Andrea.