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COMPLIANCE NEWSLETTER Vol. 5 No. 1 August 2002



Vol. 5 No. 1 August 2002










Compliance Services is pleased to announce that Shauna Cobb andJoe Crosby have accepted graduate assistantships in the complianceoffice. Please stop by and welcome Shauna and Joe.



105 of the total number of prospects admitted for the 2002-2003academic year.



The 2003-2004 recruiting folders have been ordered. We willnotify you once they arrive.



New manuals have been distributed. Please review bylaws 11-17for new information since last year. It will be in gray blocks.





Tuesday, August 20, from 8:15 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.,Convocation processional from Bracket Hall to the Brooks Center.



Monday, August 26 from 8:30-9:30 a.m., Rich Hilliard from IceMiller will be our guest speaker presenting on academic fraud inthe Vickery Hall auditorium. This will serve as August’s ruleseducation meeting.



All returning coaches, staff, and graduate assistants must sign the NCAA certification of compliance form no later than September 13, 2002. Someone form our office will be by to see you for your signature.



ACT/SAT Test Dates for 2002-2003



September 28, 2002 – Limited locations

October 26, 2002

December 14, 2002

February 8, 2003

April 12, 2003

June 14, 2003


October 12, 2002

November 2, 2002

December 7, 2002

January 25, 2003

April 5, 2003

May 3, 2002

June 7, 2003



All prospective walk-on’s must sign the NCAA drug-testing formand medical release from prior to their try-out. As a reminder,try-outs may only last one day. After that the walk-on must be cutor added to the squad list.



Form administration for walk-on’s will be held each Friday from1:00-4:00 p.m. in the compliance services office.



Meals at a supporter’s home during an away contest arepermissible, provided the meal is substituted for a paid Clemsonmeal. Please submit your request in writing to compliance servicesprior to the event.



Summer contacts must count towards prospects permissible limitswhile summer evaluations do not.



Institutional staff members are permitted to providetransportation form the nearest airport, train or bus station to anincoming prospect for the prospect’s initial enrollment at Clemson.



If you are not receiving a copy of the NCAA News, please letcompliance services know.





Post-game meal money is limited to $10 cash. If you providecash instead of a meal, the $10 may not be broken up to purchase ameal and provide the remaining balance. NCAA Bylaw 16.2.5(d)



Occasional meal requests must be made in writing to complianceservices prior to the event. The meal must be for a specialoccasion and is limited to six-eight per year. Meals may be hostedat coach’s home, local restaurant, local park or on-campus.NCAA Bylaw



Reasonable refreshments may be provided to parents or legalguardians of student-athletes on an occasional basis. Pleaseprovide your request to compliance services prior to the event.NCAA Bylaw



A hometown group may pay reasonable and necessary expenses fora student-athlete returning home to receive an award for theirathletics accomplishments. NCAA Bylaw




FACTS: Coach had contact with prospect prior to the completion of prospect’s competition. Prospect had already signed NLI with school. NCAA BYLAW 13.1.6


ACTION: Contact is not permissible until prospect is released from competition. Coach received letter of admonishment and prospect’s eligibility reinstated.


FACTS: Head coach provided individualized instruction to prospect. Prospect was entering her junior year and paid coach an hourly wage. NCAA BYLAW 13.1.8


ACTION: Impermissible evaluation and tryout of prospect. Coach received letter of admonishment and prospect’s eligibility not restored.