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Announce Presents ‘Ask The Tigers’

Feb. 14, 2001

Clemson, S.C.–, the official athletic website of Clemson University, will be conducting a question and anwer session with the most influential and interesting personalities in Clemson Athletics with the addition of an interactive feature called “Ask The Tigers”.

“Ask The Tigers” is a feature on the web site that will allow fans to present questions via email to people who are directly and indirectly associated with Clemson athletics.

Selected questions will be taken from the pool of emailed questions and will be used in an interview of the featured person for that particular week. The questions and answers will be posted on every Thursday.

The Features section of the front page will be the location for you to find out the latest guest.

“Ask The Tigers” first guest will be Chris Hobbs, the chiseled freshman power forward from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Chris is currently the leading freshman rebounder in the ACC and is putting up numbers at a more impressive rate than some of Clemson’s legends such as Dale Davis and Horace Grant did their freshman year.

Chris is looking forward to answering your questions, so send them in today and his responses will be posted on Thursday, February 22.