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Clemson Women’s Basketball Travels to Canada

Aug. 5, 2009

CLEMSON, SC – The Clemson women’s basketball team will leave Clemson on Thursday to travel to various spots in western Canada. The Tigers will play six games on their tour, including two with the Canadian National team, and one each against the University of British Columbia, Trinity Western, University College of the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island University. In addition to the games, the team will partake in various tourism opportunities in one of Canada’s most beautiful areas.

The Tigers take the trip as part of the Basketball Travelers, Inc. program. Basketball Travelers, Inc.’s main focus is to provide college basketball programs with unique ways to build team unity and boost game experience while enjoying some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

“First and foremost, we are so grateful to the athletic department for providing us with this opportunity,” said Head Coach Cristy McKinney. “This is something our program has been looking forward to for a few years. In my prior experiences, these trips have been invaluable for team building and getting some extra playing experience. We felt this was a good time to go because we have almost everyone back, so we can really get to work on our upcoming season.”

The team leaves Clemson early Thursday morning and are slated to arrive at Vancouver Airport in the late afternoon. They will then partake in sightseeing in the city before going to the hotel. The following day, the Tigers have a doubleheader with Canadian National Team at 6:30 pm and Trinity Western at 8:30 pm. Both games take place at the Langley Events Centre in Langley, British Columbia.

They will then play two more games on Saturday, again hooking up with the Canadian Team, followed by a game against University College of the Fraser Valley at Envision Athletics Centre in Abbottsford, British Columbia. The University of British Columbia then welcomes the Tigers on Sunday in the early afternoon.

Monday will be a travel day, as the Tigers depart to Whistler from Vancouver. Whistler is known for its skiing and picturesque landscape. After two days in Whistler, the team will ferry to Victoria, where they will whale watch before playing a game against Vancouver Island University on Wednesday at 5:30 pm. The team is scheduled to return to Clemson late Friday night.