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Clemson vs. Wake Forest Postgame Coaches’ Quotes

Clemson vs. Wake Forest Postgame Coaches’ Quotes

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell

Overall thoughts:“Well, this was certainly a hard fought win today.  I didn’t think we played real well in the first half and as a coaching staff, we didn’t help our guys enough. I thought Wake was a little more aggressive than I thought they would be and it probably threw us off a little bit. We just got off to a bad start but I thought we were very good defensively, and that kept us in the game. Going into halftime I hoped that we would find our offense a little bit better and get some things figured out to win the game. We did in the second half. But give Wake a lot of credit. I thought their guys hit a lot of big shots, so we couldn’t really establish a big lead.”

On playing your style as opposed to playing to the other team:“We’re trying to push the ball on their misses and we get teams to miss a lot of shots, but we’re just not as good as we need to be on capitalizing on those opportunities and scoring in open court situations. We’re not purposely waiting 30 seconds to shoot, we’re just looking for a good shot and sometimes it takes us a little longer. But I do think our team understands our identity and how we’re successful and we’ve done a good job playing that way. We found a way to win a lot of games that could have gone either way.”

On the play of Adonis Filer:“He’s done a good job. He’s an improving player. His turnovers have been down, which is good, and we’re trying to get him to be more efficient. He’s learning that you don’t always need to make home run plays, but rather hit singles and doubles. If he can do that consistently he’ll put together a good inning. He’s getting better at understanding that and just goes out and makes solid plays that are there. He’s got a herky-jerky game and can get by you and is good in small spaces, which allows him to have good angles on shots in the paint.”

On starting 4-1 in ACC play:“We’re off to a good start and we’re playing well. But it’s a long distance race and we have some tough games coming up with five of our next six games on the road. But we’ve been opportunistic and found ways to win some close games. We’re still growing and improving as a team but I’m certainly proud of our guys.”

Wake Forest Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik

Overall thoughts:“It was a competitive game by both sides, give credit to Clemson for pulling it out.  I thought a significant part of the game, from our standpoint, was when we were up 32-30 and they missed a shot, the ball was on the floor we ran out like we got it, but they got it.  Then the next possession for Clemson, (K.J.) McDaniels had a run-in offensive rebound.  I thought those two things were significant, turning the tide a little bit.”

On second half defense:“Our defense started to spread a little bit and they began to drive to the rim two or three times.  We just got out of positioning off the ball.  We also had some really good looks offensively, got the ball close to the rim and they had several blocks, but you have to continue to score.  If we had converted better around the rim, then they are not free-flowing on a break.”

On Clemson shot-blocking:“That really makes their defense. Their ability to protect the rim, especially with (Landry) Nnoko and McDaniels.  That’s something that was a focus of ours coming in, to make sure that when we got it close to the rim, not getting your shot blocked because they are both jumping for the ball, and that leaves the glass open for some offensive rebounds; we had 14 of them.  When the shot is blocked, you don’t have the opportunity.  Number two, when you drive to the rim and have more than one guy on you, you have to find open teammates.  We had some open looks; it would have helped if a couple more threes went down.”

On not going to the zone:“For three fourths of the game we defended pretty well, too.  They are such a good offensive rebounding team that it just kept bodies on bodies.  I didn’t like the way the zone looked that one possession.  I just felt more comfortable with man-to-man tonight.”