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Clemson vs. High Point postgame quotes

Clemson vs. High Point postgame quotes

November 28, 2014 * Littlejohn Coliseum

Clemson Head Coach Brad Brownell — Postgame Quotes

Overall thoughts:

“I’m proud of our guys for finding a way to win, it was ugly sometimes. When you don’t shoot the ball very well it’s hard to get away from good teams. John Brown’s motor is as good as we will see all year. He’s just an outstanding player and they have enough shooting on the perimeter to really challenge you. I thought the defense was outstanding, but offensively we just struggled. We should have had a huge lead the way we played in the first half and then came out after halftime and for whatever reason I can’t get these guys to understand the urgency you have to have all the time.  We played bad the first five minutes and High Point made a couple big shots and got right back in it and then we were in a fight.”

On Rod Hall’s injury:

“He turned his ankle and came over and those guys looked at it and then Andy (McPherson, athletic trainer) said, ‘He’s done. We will see if we can get him back for Monday.’ We knew right away (Jordan) Roper was going to log big minutes. We don’t have a lot of depth there, but I think Jordan did some good things and got us in the offense well.”

On scoring deficiencies:

“I really think we are a team looking for somebody to be the go-to guy, but maybe we don’t have him.  When my wings are 2-8 from three, that’s not very many.  When they are packing it in against you have to make some shots and that’s when Patrick Rooks came in. When Damarcus (Harrison) and Donte (Grantham) shoot well were still a pretty good offensive team and still pretty dangerous but when they don’t shoot it well it’s more of a struggle for us especially without Rod Hall.

On Blossomgame being an “energy guy”:

“That’s what he is for us. He sometimes worries too much about the prettier aspects of basketball. He wants to shoot the threes, he wants to make all these tremendous high-low passes, he wants to be a super skill guy and that’s what we want him to become, but when he tries to do that in place of being an energy guy that can be a negative.  His bets thing is his energy, his hunger, his athleticism. There’s a fine balance between working on your weaknesses and not playing to them. In the second half he didn’t play that way at all, he played like an aggressive player and his energy was contagious for our team.”