Clemson to Create Scroll of Honor

Clemson to Create Scroll of Honor

Sept. 12, 2002

The Clemson Corps along with the Clemson University Athletic Department are creating a “Scroll of Honor” of all Clemson alumni who have given their lives in service of their country. The Corps is seeking names from the Spanish-American War through current operations in Afghanistan.

If you have a Clemson family member, friend or acquaintance who was in the service and gave the ultimate sacrifice during war, armed conflict or peacetime operations, please let us know.

Please include Clemson graduating class or dates of attendance and date and circumstance of death along with your name, phone number and address.

The names on the “Scroll of Honor” will be announced as part of the Military Appreciation Day Ceremonies during the Clemson-Maryland football game on Saturday, November 16.

You can email information to: or mail it to: Scroll of Honor, Army ROTC Battalion, Clemson University, Johnstone Hall, Clemson, SC 29634-1351. For more information, contact Danny Rhodes at 864-985-1550.