Clemson Rowing Qualifies Two Boats For Grand Finals At Lexus Central Sprints

May 12, 2001

OAK RIDGE, TN – Clemson’s first varsity four and second varsity eight boats qualified for the grand finals of the Lexus Central Sprints Regional regatta held today on Melton Hill Lake. The varsity four won their repechage to advance to the grand finals while the second varsity eight finished second in their repechage to advance to the grand finals.

The first varsity four boat finished fifth in the morning heat to advance to the afternoon repechage. Ohio State won the morning race with a time of 7:31.1, followed by Iowa, Notre Dame, Indiana, Clemson and Tulsa. Only the winner of the morning heat automatically advanced to the grand finals, with the second through sixth place finishers advancing to the afternoon repechage. The Tigers won the repechage with a time of 7:42.8, easily defeating second-place Michigan State who recorded a time of 7:45.7. Both Clemson and Michigan State advanced to the grand finals which are scheduled for 10:15 a.m. Sunday morning.

The Tigers’ second varsity eight boat finished third in the morning heat, completing the race with a time of 7:15.0 and advancing to the afternoon’s repechage. Ohio State won the race in 7:01.8, advancing to the grand final. Kansas was second with a time of 7:13.6 and Clemson was third, followed by Texas, North Carolina, Kansas State ad Tulsa. Iowa won the repechage (6:56.5), while the Tigers took second, finishing with a time of 7:00.8. Texas finished third, followed by Tennessee, Kansas State and Duke. Iowa and Clemson advance to the grand finals slated for 10:45 a.m. Sunday morning.

Clemson’s novice eight boat finished seventh in its morning race (8:20.1), advancing to the afternoon’s repechage. In the afternoon race, the Tiger’s finished fifth with a time of 7:30.0 and qualified for the petite finals. Kansas won the repechage with a time of 7:12.8 while Ohio State also qualified for the grand finals with a second-place time of 7:16.5. Southern Methodist was third, followed by Duke, Clemson and Kansas State. The petite finals are scheduled for 9:15 a.m. Sunday morning.

The first varsity eight boat finished fifth in this morning’s heat, advancing to the C final. The placings were protested in a very tight race in which only sixth tenths of a second separated the second through fifth place teams. However, the chief referees’ decision did not change following a viewing of the finish-line video recording. Ohio State won the heat with a time of 6:52.1, followed by Kansas (6:58.3), Tulsa (6:58.5), Minnesota (6:58.6), Clemson (6:58.9) and Cincinnati (6:59.3). The top four finishers advanced to the semi-final race while the fifth and sixth place teams advanced to the C finals.

Clemson’s second varsity four team will race in the grand final tomorrow morning. The Tigers will compete against Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, Michigan State and Notre Dame at 9:45 a.m.

Complete Morning Heat Results First Novice 8+ – Michigan 7:03.2, North Carolina 7:09.6, Duke 7:25.5, Michigan State 7:31.8, SMU 7:35.1, Tennessee 7:36.9, Clemson 8:20.1 First Varsity 4+ – Ohio State 7:31.1, Iowa 7:34.1, Notre Dame 7:52.4, Indiana 8:08.0, Clemson 8:19.1, Tulsa 8:51.7 Second Varsity 8+ – Ohio State 7:01.8, Kansas 7:13.6, Clemson 7:15.0, Texas 7:17.6, North Carolina 7:17.9, Kansas State 7:22.5, Tulsa 7:40.4 First Varsity 8+ – Ohio State 6:52.1, Kansas 6:58.3, Tulsa 6:58.5, Minnesota 6:58.6, Clemson 6:58.9, Cincinnati 6:59.3

Complete Repechage Results First Novice 8+ – Kansas 7:12.8, Ohio State 7:16.5, SMU 7:17.5, Duke 7:24.5, Clemson 7:30.0, Kansas State 7:34.2 First Varsity 4+ – Clemson 7:42.8, Michigan State 7:45.7, Notre Dame 7:50.4, Texas 8:00.3, SMU 8:23.6 Second Varsity 8+ – Iowa 6:56.5, Clemson 7:00.8, Texas 7:04.8, Tennessee 7:14.5, Kansas State 7:30.0, Duke 7:47.3