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Clemson Rowing Finishes 15th at NCAA Championships

May 30, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Clemson rowing team finished their 2009-2010 season with a 15th place finish as a team at the NCAA Rowing Championships on Lake Natoma in Sacramento, California.

The Tigers finished with 21 points to finish 15th place as a team, just one point behind 14th place Ohio State. Virginia won the national championship with 87 total points, five points ahead of second place finisher California who had 82 points. Princeton edged Stanford by one point to take third with 76 points, while Stanford had 75 team points. Brown finished fifth with 71 points, followed by Yale with 66 points, Wisconsin with 55, Southern California with 52, Michigan State with 51 and Washington and Michigan tied with 43 to round out the top-10.

The Tigers’ Varsity 4+ had the best finish of the day as they took tenth overall and fourth in the petite final with a time of 7:25.67. Their finish earned seven of Clemson’s 21 points. Princeton finished first to win the petite final with a time of 7:19.52. Stanford took second with a 7:22.99, Yale was third in a time of 7:24.25, Clemson fourth, Michigan fifth with a 7:27.23 and Michigan State sixth in 7:32.88.

In the Second Varsity 8+, Clemson finished fourth in the third final to place 16th overall with a time of 6:50.77 to earn two points. Tennessee was first in the third final with a time of 6:41.50, Southern California took second in a time of 6:43.99 and UCLA was third with a 6:46.49.

The Varsity 8+ finished the day with a first place finish in the third final to finish 13th overall to earn 12 points. The Tigers put in a solid time of 6:32.78 to beat Washington State, who finished second in a time of 6:36.77, by nearly four seconds. Ohio State took third with a time of 6:38.57 and Tennessee was fourth in a time of 6:43.21.

Final Standings (Points) 1. Virginia, 87
 2. California, 82
 3. Princeton, 76
 4. Stanford, 75
 5. Brown, 71
 6. Yale, 66
 7. Wisconsin, 55
 8. USC, 52
 9. Michigan State, 51
 10. Washington, 43
 Michigan, 43
 12. UCLA, 31
 13. Washington State, 29
 14. Ohio State, 22
 15. Clemson, 21
 16. Tennessee, 12