Clemson Memorial Stadium Gate Access Information

Clemson Memorial Stadium Gate Access Information

Aug. 27, 2005

As virtually all of our fans know, Clemson Memorial Stadium has undergone considerable changes in the last few months as the West End Zone construction has progressed at an impressive rate. We are ahead of the initial schedule in many ways and look forward to the day when the project is completed.

As we begin the 2005 season against a top- 20 Texas A&M team on September 3 we want to make some general points that will help you as you return to Clemson University and Death Valley.

Please be aware that the West End Zone area of Memorial Stadium is a construction site and will be termed that for the entire season.

As a result, there will be some inconveniences for fans attending the game relative to what Clemson fans have been accustomed to in previous years. We appreciate your patience and know you realize this renovation is going to be a tremendous boost to our program in the future.

Here are a few general points we want to stress at this time:

All fans who will sit in the West End Zone must enter thestadium through Gate 11 (new gate directly behind the West EndZone).

This will be the only access to the stadium for fans holding tickets in that area.Access to this gate must be through parking lot 5 or via a staircase at the northwest corner of the stadium, nearest to the IPTAY/Ticket building.

Conversely, only fans holding West End Zone tickets will beallowed to enter the stadium at Gate 11. Many of you complimentedthe decorum of the Texas A&M fans when we went to CollegeStation last year. Let’s return the favor and assist our visitorsevery way possible as they try to find their correct entry gate andseat. Following the Solid Orange… It’s About Pride concept, thisis a tremendous opportunity to exhibit the traditions, history andpride of all Clemson fans.

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