Clemson Football Winter Strength Training Award Winners Announced

Clemson Football Winter Strength Training Award Winners Announced

April 13, 2009

CLEMSON, SC – The Clemson football team announced its 2009 Winter Strength Training award winners on Monday afternoon. The individual awards were based on Strength, Speed, Next Level Training and the “ALL IN” Conditioning Program conducted during the team’s winter training period.

The complete list of the award winners is as follows:

Top Performers Offensive Guard – Antoine McClain Center – Mason Cloy Offensive Tackle – Landon Walker Tight End – Chad Diehl Wide Receiver – Xavier Dye Running Back – Jamie Harper Quarterback – Michael Wade Defensive End/Bandit – Kevin Alexander (broke All-Time Big Skill Squat record at 650 pounds last summer) Defensive Tackle – Jarvis Jenkins Linebacker – Scotty Cooper Safety – Kantrell Brown Corner – Marcus Gilchrist Snapper/Kicker/Punter – Matt Skinner

Top Performer (Walk-On) Offense – Ronald Watson (holds team’s top vertical jump at 41″) Defense – John Wright

Next Level Performance Champion Power Group – Ben Ramsey Big Skill Group – Kavell Conner Skill Group – Willy Korn

Power Hour Strongman Champion Defensive Back – Rashard Hall

All-Time Team Record Power Clean Push Press – Nathan Bennett at 345 pounds set in 2006.)

Bench Press 225 Rep Test – Barry Humphries (Humphries benched 43 reps at 225 pounds in February of 2009. The previous record of 42 reps was set by Dustin Fry in 2004. Humphries also set a new All-Time Squat record last summer at 755 pounds, breaking the record of 750 pounds set by Super Bowl Champion Nick Eason in 2002.)

Most Improved Quarterback – Kyle Parker Running Back – Andre Ellington Wide Receiver – Brandon Ford Offensive Line – Antoine McClain Tight End – Dwayne Allen Defensive Tackle – Miguel Chavis Defensive End – Kevin Alexander Linebacker – Scotty Cooper Corner – Xavier Brewer Safety – Sadat Chambers Kicker/Specialist – Spencer Benton Offensive Walk-On – Phillip Price Defensive Walk-On – Kantrell Brown