Clemson Football Practice Brief

Clemson Football Practice Brief

Aug. 8, 2008

Post-Practice Interview with Coach Bowden

Clemson, SC – Clemson was a little leg tired as it went through two and a half hours of practice on Friday afternoon. It was the first day of practice after a first day two-a-day workouts, on Thursday so the fatigue was expected .The Tigers must get their legs back by Saturday morning because the team will hold its first stadium scrimmage in Death Valley.

“We were a little leg tired today, but that is usually the case the first day after two-a-days,” said head coach Tommy Bowden. “The enthusiasm was there and that was important. Overall, it was a good workout.

“Tomorrow will be very interesting. I am anxious to see how we do in a number of areas. I am very interested to see the kicking game against live pressure. We will work a freshman snapper in Matt Skinner and Charles Roediger (a senior) has done well also.” Clemson is looking for a snapper to replace three-year starter Colin Leonard.

“I am also very interested to see the freshmen perform in that stadium. They have done well as a class, so we will see how they do in that situation. As I said yesterday I think we could play 8-11 freshmen this year.”

Bowden cut out an hour of meeting time on Friday afternoon so one of his former players could make a presentation to the full team on alcohol abuse. Dennis O’Sullivan played for Bowden at Tulane, then went on to a five-year career with the New York Jets. He now works for a company in New York that makes presentations about the negative impact of alcohol on athletic performance. He spoke to Alabama’s team on Thursday.

While there have been players out of practice throughout the week due to injury, everyone is expected to be ready to play in the scrimmage on Saturday. Chris Hairston and Dorell Scott (neck) and Rennie Moore (hamstring) were in green jerseys on Friday, but are expected to return on Saturday.