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Clemson Football Away Game Tickets On Sale Now for IPTAY Members

June 1, 2007

The Clemson Athletic Ticket Office will be sending out away game applications on June 1st to all season tickets holders that are members of IPTAY. The away game schedule includes N.C. State – 9/22, Georgia Tech – 9/29, Maryland – 10/27, Duke – 11/3, and South Carolina – 11/24. Deadline for away game ticket orders will be June 22.

The only game that will have limits on ordering will be the South Carolina game. This policy places an emphasis on rewarding season ticket holders within the established IPTAY priority point system, as intended by the IPTAY board of Directors.

IPTAY Priority Points – USC Ticket Eligibility
450 and up Eligible to order up to 4 tickets
100-449 Eligible to order up to 2 tickets
1-99 Will receive application to order, if tickets remain after the deadline for eligible donors