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Clemson-Florida State Photo Gallery

Clemson-Florida State Photo Gallery

Oct. 4, 2002

Clemson-Florida State Photo Gallery10/03/02Pictures courtesy of David Kalk, photo editor of The TigerClick on Image for Larger Picture.
Derrick Hamilton is taken down by Patrick Newton.

J.J. McKelvey comes down with a catch that he turned into a59-yard gain. Quarterback Willie Simmons scans the field as BernardRambert looks to block. Ben Hall rumbles for extra yardage down themiddle of the field.

Airese Currie is sandwiched by a pair of Seminoles.

Offensive lineman Nick Black is carted off after breaking hisleg.

Simmons is taken down after a big run.

McKelvey runs away from the Seminole secondary.

Rambert plows through the line.

Khaleed Vaughn wraps up Robert Morgan.

Simmons tosses to Rambert to avoid the sack.