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Jan 09, 2020

@ClemsonFB Social Media: Year in Review

Each day, 500 million tweets are posted on Twitter, 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook, and videos are viewed 1 billion times on YouTube. Instagram Stories and TikTok each have 500 million active users.

In an endless sea of content, how do you stand out?

This is what @ClemsonFB did in 2019.

Oh, hey there, John Legend 👋


In 2019 we had…

192 million impressions (# of times the content was seen)

29.8 million video views

52,000 new followers (You can be next. Click the button below 👇)


163 million impressions (# of times content seen)

24 million video views

199,000 new followers


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Early 🐅 gets the 💍🏆🏈 #ALLIN

A post shared by Clemson Football (@clemsonfb) on

⬆️ Top IG Post of 2019

442,000 users saw this post (highest reach of any post in 2019)

250,824 video views


The top post wasn’t a game highlight video or even one of the popular locker room dance videos — it was a video showing the hard work from summer workouts, an aspect of Clemson Football that many people don’t see.


84 million impressions

19.2 million video views

47,000 new followers



FB Top Post

6.4 million users saw this post

38,959+ shared the post with their friends

175,000+ likes + loves


133 million impressions

20.4 million video views

47,000 new subscribers


⬆️ Top YouTube post of 2019

78.1 million times YouTube users saw this video on their feed

13.2 million video views

19,059 people subscribed to our channel after watching

17.2 million minutes people spent watching this video


⭐ Tell stories. Show emotion. Be real. ⭐

TikTok on TOP

14.5 million video views

955,000 profile views

224,534 new followers

*Account created on September 6th

The fastest growing platform in the history of ClemsonFB


"WE EATIN' GOOD" on TikTok



555,360 minutes people spent watching this TikTok 😮


@clemsonfbEatin Good 🍽 #food #foodchallenge #fyp #foryou #football #collegefootball♬ Walk Man – m.dawg1


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