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Clemson Coaches’ Quotes on Hiring of Dan Radakovich

Head Men’s Basketball Coach Brad Brownell:“I certainly want to welcome Dan and his family to Clemson. I’m really excited to have a man with his kind of experience. He brings a wealth of experience from many types of institutions. I’m eager to sit down and talk to him about the recent facilities at Georgia Tech, and how we can work together to put our vision for the future for Clemson basketball.

“His recent work at Georgia Tech with their new facility tells me he sees the significance of having first-class facilities for the student-athletes. If you want to be successful in the ACC in basketball, you’ve got to provide your student-athletes and coaches with the type of facility that will give them the opportunity to be at their best.

“The fact that he’s done that in the past couple years with both a practice facility and an arena is exciting because he knows what it takes and how to get things done.”Head Women’s Basketball Coach Itoro Coleman:“I want to welcome Dan to Tigertown. With the experiences that he has, we are looking forward to his leadership. He spoke about the practice facility, which is something that’s high on our agenda right now, and I am looking forward to sitting down to speak with him about it. I would love to see where he could take it. I’m excited about what can happen here under his leadership.”

Head Baseball Coach Jack Leggett:“I’m very impressed with what Dan has had to say and I am excited about his enthusiasm for Clemson and his excitement and passion for what this challenge holds for him. I have known him some through his work on the ACC Baseball Committee and I have always had a lot of respect for the program at Georgia Tech. I think he has really good communication skills.”

Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney:“The committee has done a tremendous job and took their task very seriously. I don’t have a lot of working knowledge about Dan personally, but everything that I have heard of him is very positive.

“Paul Johnson has talked to me numerous times about his thoughts on Dan and they’ve all been very positive. I’m excited about getting started. I look forward to spending time with Dan and talking about his experiences and helping him learn about Clemson and our program.

“He has a good background in raising revenue. There are a lot of positives that he will be able to carry from his career experiences, especially at Georgia Tech. I have a lot of respect for Georgia Tech and what they have been able to do throughout the years.”