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Clemson Athletic Department 2006 Football Ticket Information

Clemson Athletic Department 2006 Football Ticket Information

April 18, 2006

Clemson Athletic Department 2006 Football Ticket Information

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Order Deadline is May 5, 2006

Season Tickets-Season tickets are assigned according to your IPTAY level of giving. However, due to Clemson’s longstanding renewal policy of allowing IPTAY Donors that remain in good standing the ability to maintain their season tickets, only a small number of mid-field tickets become available each year. IPTAY Donors may purchase as many season tickets as they desire; however, priority seat assignments are limited to the number listed below. If you have purchased additional season tickets based on a former priority system, you may continue to order these tickets. IPTAY Donors should indicate on the ticket application whether they desire the same tickets or would like to request a change. New season ticket purchasers and those donors desiring a change in seating will be assigned season tickets based upon their level of IPTAY contribution and their priority point total within that level.

Individual Home Game Tickets-Individual home game tickets are assigned by priority point totals after season ticket assignments have been completed.

Individual Away Game Tickets– Individual away game ticket applications will be mailed only to IPTAY Donors that are season ticket holders in late May. The 100 IPTAY Donors who have the highest priority point totals, who purchase season tickets for the 2006 season, will be allowed to purchase four tickets for Boston College and Virginia Tech. The next 1,400 season ticket holders in priority point order will be eligible to purchase two tickets for these games. If a game is oversold (which is possible), the season ticket holders with the lowest number of priority points will be refunded the purchase price. If tickets remain available after the top 1500 donors order, the next group of season ticket holders in priority will be notified and allowed to order tickets. As in past years, IPTAY Donors that are season ticket holders will be allowed to order tickets for the games at Florida State, Wake Forest, and Temple without restrictions. This policy places an emphasis on rewarding season ticket holders within the established IPTAY priority point system, as intended by the IPTAY Board of Directors. The same policy of allowing season ticket holders to order quantities based on priority point totals will be used when Clemson participates in the ACC Championship Football Game and post-season bowl games, as needed.

Tickets for Individuals with Disabilities-Tickets for individuals with disabilities are available for home games. These tickets are for persons who are physically unable to use regular seating. Disabled patrons may order two tickets in these areas, one for the disabled patron, and one for a guest. Guests holding fraudulent tickets or misrepresenting a disability in an attempt to purchase ADA designated seats are subject to ejection without reimbursement or restoration and may be subject to criminal prosecution as allowed by law. Clemson considers fraud to be extremely serious and will take appropriate action to prevent such action. Ticket fraud includes, but is not limited to misrepresentation of a disability.

2006 Season Ticket Priorities

IPTAY Donors may purchase as many tickets as they desire. Priority Seat assignment are limited to the number below.

IPTAY Level Season Tickets
$10,000 (7) HEISMAN Scholarship Donor 14
$7,000 (6) FIKE Scholarship Donor 12
$2,800 (5) IPTAY Scholarship Donor 10
$1,400 (4) Tiger Scholarship Donor 8
$700 (3) Championship Level 6
$350 (2) Orange Level 4
$140 (1) Gold Card Level (includes Faculty/Employees) 2
$30 (6) Regular Level 2

Frequently Asked Questions

How are season tickets assigned?

We have a very strong renewal rate from our season ticket holders. Individual season ticket holders are allowed to retain their same season tickets from one year to the next when remaining an IPTAY Donor in good standing. Clemson University Faculty/Staff members receive the same benefits as IPTAY Donors at the Gold Level.

After the renewal process is completed, donors that have requested seat assignment changes or order new tickets are placed in descending priority order. (Two factors enter into establishing the priority order; first is the level of donation for the current IPTAY year; second, IPTAY Donors at the same level are ranked by their priority point totals.) Seat assignments for the current season are then made based on the available seats.

If I join at a specific level or have increased my donation, where will my seats be located?

This is a question that is difficult to answer because our current policy allows IPTAY Donors that remain in good standing to maintain their ticket locations from the previous year. This results in very little movement of seats.

The best we can do is share with you how the process went from the year before. With the strong finish to the 2005 season and the strength of our spring recruiting class we do not expect much turnover this year either.

A Quick Look Back at the 2005 Seat Assignment Numbers

-Between the 25-yard lines in the lower deck, we only had 200 seats become available.

-Our Heisman donors ($10,000 annually) requested over 400 ticket improvements.

-Over 4,500 season ticket holders requested seat changes that involved over 15,000 seats.

-Our top four levels of IPTAY ($ 10,000, $ 7,000, $ 2,800 and Endowment donors) requested over 3,100 seat changes.

As you can see, we are not able to accommodate all requests. However, we encourage you to make your request known to our staff by asking for a change for better seating. You can do this by including a short note outlining what you consider a seat improvement. These notes are useful and necessary for us to have during the assignment process. A phone call or appointment is not necessary to request a change in seat assignment.

How are individual home game tickets assigned?

Individual home game tickets are assigned by priority point totals after season ticket assignments have been completed.

How do I order tickets for away games?

Individual away game ticket applications will be mailed to IPTAY Donors that are season ticket holders in late May. Priority point totals are used to set order limits for away games as needed and for seat assignments.

What about the future…

The IPTAY Board of Directors has established a committee that is reviewing the current seat assignment policy. Seating inequities are being addressed and it is anticipated that some changes are forthcoming. Changes that occur in the seat assignment process will be communicated to IPTAY Donors well in advance of implementation.