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Brown and Nance Capture Annual 2- Championship

Nov. 2, 2009

The Clemson rowing team held its annual 2- Championships on Saturday, October 31. The event was an intrasquad race where the team completes a 5000-meter erg followed by a 3000, 1500 and 500 meter 2- time trial. The top eight port and starboard ergometer scores are matched together in the 2-, where there total time is recorded. This year the top 5000-meter erg on starboard went to Brittany Cummings and Grace Wolff on port.

“The ergometer was solid as a team,” said Brittany Cummings on the erg is truly special. As the record holder for the 6000m, 5000m and 2000m the bar will be set high as she graduates this upcoming spring.”

After the ergometer test, eight 2- crews hit the water and raced for the championship. The winning boat was made up of senior Brittany Cummings.

“It was a good day to see how our rowers responded to multiple pieces in a variety of lineups.,” said Ruggieri. “It is also exciting to see the champions made up of two true walk-on rowers. Their progression over the past year has been dramatic. It is also a strong statement on our commitment to train and compete in small boats.”

The following is the historical breakdown of the Clemson 2- Champions:

2009Michelle Nance & Becca Brown

2008 – Brittany Cummings

2007 – Brittany Cummings