Block Seating Information for 2009 Football Season

July 28, 2009

1. There will be a mandatory Block Seating meeting on Tuesday, August 18, at 5:00pm in the Athletic Ticket Office. Every organization participating in block seating must have a ticket representative in attendance. It is very important that each block intending to use this system have a representative present since we will be reviewing the method for identifying and reporting the block. The meeting should last approximately 1 hour.

2. Only organizations officially recognized and in good standing with the university are eligible for block seating.

3. Block seating areas are in the South Stands, North Stands, and Top Decks. Organizations will be rotated in these areas. Organizations that participate in block seating each week will be given priority over those that request a block on special occasions.

4. The minimum number of tickets in a block is 12 and the maximum is 150. Organizations requesting tickets will be able to pick them up on Monday at the Athletic Ticket Office (beside gate 9 of Memorial Stadium) from 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. Failure to pick up the tickets could result in the loss of the assigned seating.

5. Each organization will need to have their block identified using the web site by 10:00 PM on Tuesday prior to the next Monday’s distribution. Failure to follow this time schedule will result in the loss of the block privilege for that distribution. Please take your time and verify that all CUID #’s and names are approved. You will know if the number is correct and if the student is valid when you enter the numbers for your block. This list will need to include student members and student guests that are eligible Clemson students. Organizations that do not meet this deadline will not be allowed to pick up block tickets for that distribution.

6. The number of guest tickets to be purchased should be reported separately in the appropriate location of the web submittal. The guest list could have 2 categories: tickets to purchase and exchanges. Guest tickets cost $35.00 each for Middle Tennessee State and Coastal Carolina. The Boston College, Texas Christian, Wake Forest and Virginia games are $48.00 each. Individual guest tickets will not be sold to the Florida State game. Season guest tickets will be sold in the Athletic Ticket Office, August 17 through August 28, 2009 (all orders are subject to availability). Students that have purchased the season guest ticket will receive a guest ticket for all home games. Each student is responsible for purchasing his/her guest ticket and informing the block ticket representative they have a guest ticket to exchange for seating with the block. The guest ticket must be turned over to the block ticket representative prior to issuing a ticket in the block.

7. Distribution Schedule:

Opponent Submittal Due by 10:00 PM Pick Up at Gate 11
Middle Tennessee Tuesday, August 25 Monday, August 31
Boston College Tuesday, September 8 Monday, September 14
TCU Tuesday, September 15 Monday, September 21
Wake Forest Tuesday, September 29 Monday, October 5
Coastal Carolina Tuesday, October 20 Monday, October 26
Florida State Tuesday, October 27 Monday, November 2
Virginia Tuesday, November 10 Monday, November 16