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Athletic Hall of Fame Recommendations Accepted

Feb. 8, 2007

The public is invited to submit recommendations in writing for individuals to be inducted into the Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame, and recommendations will be accepted until March 15, 2007, according to Charlie Bussey. According to Hall of Fame rules, anyone may submit a recommendation to the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee at the following address:

Athletic Hall of Fame Nominating Committee Attn: Charlie Bussey P.O Box 1529 Clemson, S.C. 29633

In order to qualify as a nominee for the Athletic Hall of Fame, an individual must have excelled either as an athlete or as a Special Inductee (manager, trainer, coach, etc.) at Clemson. Consideration should be given, in the case of former athletes, to whether the individual was selected to an all-conference team, All- American, etc. as well as whether he/she was selected for post season competition. If the individual participated in his/her sport professionally, details should be included in the recommendation, although having played professionally is not a requirement for induction. Any information concerning the individual’s performance and leadership qualities should also be included. Athletes must have been out of Clemson for at least 5 years in order to be considered for induction.

In the case of Special Inductees, individuals still actively involved as a coach are not eligible for induction but may be considered once they are no longer actively involved as a coach. Consideration will be given, in the case of Special Inductees, to the number of years the individual was involved with Clemson athletics, the won/loss record of his/her team, work ethic, etc.

The Hall of Fame Nominating Committee will vote on nominees at its April 2007 meeting. Up to 10 individuals, representing Clemson’s 19 intercollegiate sports, may be nominated, and names of those nominated will be submitted for approval to the Hall of Fame Approval Committee. Those approved by the Approval Committee will be honored at a ceremony during the 2007 football season and presented to the stadium crowd on game day.