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Nov 05, 2010

Article Test Page


We really don’t use this one much. If you do not upload or choose an icon from the media library, it will default to an icon of a chair and lamp.

Possible uses: Listing features/amenities of a facility, lineup for a team/boat

Title Here

  • Name Goes Here
  • Second Name


Banners are useful for breaking up a long text block, or linking to another page.

There are three ways to use:

  • Just an image
  • Image with text
  • Image with text and a button


This is another one we do not frequently use.

Card Example

Content Image

Use this if you want to display a single photo that isn’t the full width of the page. Good for breaking up an article and highlighting a single photo or graphic.


This is good for when you want to explain your point without an image distracting your viewer from getting the point. It is great for explaining in full detail your message.

Paragraph in Block

Use this to display your text over an image. It is a great way to display and highlight your text while maintaining the viewer’s attention with the image in the back.


“This is a quote template. It is a stand alone quote which is a cool way to high light the previous image. It is a great way to include someone's perspective into your article ”

Statbroadcast Integration

This allows you to add stat information from other sites via URL


This allows you to add a video to your article via URL

This feature allows you to add a video to your article via URL


You can add multiple photos to your article with this feature

AD Block

You can add Ads to your article

Gallery slider

This allows you to add a stylish feature to you gallery where the gallery will be visible and allows the viewer to slide through the photos at their pleasing.

Chart Column: This chart column feature allows you to add stats to your article which provides a visual to your viewer


Leanstream Broadcast Block

This allows you to add a broadcast to your article

Player Carousel

You can add a spotlight to a player and link it to a specific webpage when clicking on the player spotlight. You can add numerous players and your viewers will have the ability to slide through and click on the player of their choosing.


This allows you to add a table with your roster showing your teams name, home town, position ETC.

Time Name Pos HOMETOWN // HS Bio Link
12:00 pm Clemson Tigers Clemson Clemson Bio
12:00 pm


This allows you to add a row of information taking up minimal space

Clemson • Clemson
Tigers • Tigers

Clemson University

This feature allows you to add a tile with a link embedded in it. You can add photos and information or direct your viewer to another site with the click of a button.


Video With links

This feature allows you to add a link to a video via URL

This is a drop down informational block. It is a great way to add information to your article without taking up much space.