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A Letter to IPTAY Donors from Bill D’Andrea

A Letter to IPTAY Donors from Bill D’Andrea

Jan. 23, 2008

The beginning of the New Year has certainly generated a great deal of activity in the IPTAY/Ticket Office. Our phone lines are extremely busy and we are beginning to receive a number of donors in our office inquiring about the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan, as well as paying their donations prior to the February 15th deadline.

This year with the implementation of the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan, we expect increased donor traffic and phone calls related to parking and seat equity questions.

As the February 15th deadline approaches we highly recommend our donors to use our IPTAY web site, as this vehicle will serve our donors to expedite the payment process.

We are expecting a high volume of calls during the next few weeks. In an effort to serve all of our donors, we ask that you visit the IPTAY web site to make your credit card donations. This will enable our staff to be available to answer questions and handle problems. If you prefer to make your contribution over the phone, please call as soon as possible. If you wait until the deadline, you may experience extended hold times. The web site is available 24 hours a day and you don’t have to wait on hold.

As the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan begins to unfold, the February 15th deadline will be critical to this entire ticket operation. At this point in the solicitation process, we have received a very positive response to the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan. When comparing last year’s donations to the responses we have received to date, our donations and participation has been very positive and many donors are increasing their levels.

The IPTAY/Ticket Office at this time cannot really answer questions about improving, reallocating or securing additional seats or additional seats next to your current tickets. We will have to wait until we receive all the pledges on February 15th. Shortly after February 15th, the Ticket Office will generate a ticket application. On the ticket application there will be space to communicate your various requests, etc. We will develop a very thorough explanation of how to complete the form regarding your needs and requests as a season ticket holder.

The Ticket Office will begin to handle the various requests based on the highest level first and work our way beginning with the Heisman level throughout the membership. Once we get to the ticket deadline, we will have an idea of what tickets are available to begin accommodating the requests received.

Please see below deadlines, as well as some frequently asked questions.

February 15, 2008: IPTAY Deadline for 50% of your 2008 IPTAY Pledge

This can be accomplished by visiting, calling 864-656-2115, or by mailing your solicitation to IPTAY, P. O. Box 1529, Clemson, SC 29633-1529.

Late March: Football Season Ticket Applications mailed

At this time there will be step by step instructions so individuals will be able to identify the seats they want to keep from the previous year, request additional seats, and specify any seating requests. Parking preferences will be taken at this time and orders can be placed online at or by mail.

Information for the August 30th 2008 Clemson vs. Alabama Game in Atlanta will be included in the season ticket mailing (This game will not be included in the $299 Home Game Season Ticket Package)
Deadline will be in late April for Football Season Tickets
May-June: All seat requests/changes will be reviewed by IPTAY level and points within level
August: Season Tickets/Parking Passes mailed
Recent FAQs:

Q: I sat behind someone last year and they told me they were not going to renew those seats. Can I purchase them since I know they will be available next year?

A: You will have the opportunity to request those exact seats when you get your season ticket mailing in late March. Even though you may know that some seats may be opening up, we have to utilize the IPTAY system, which is to allocate by level and then points within that level. Unfortunately there is no guarantee since there are so many variables like donation levels and ticket quantities changing in each level.

Q: I would give more money if I knew what seats are available, when you get to my order will you be able to call me and then I can donate more to IPTAY to acquire better seats?

A: No, you will need to decide on a level that is comfortable for you to donate at first.  We will allocate the best seats when we get to your order in priority order.

Q: Can I come in and sit down with you to see what my options are for next years Football seating?

A: This is a common question that occurs every year. Until we print our allocation sheet that includes season football tickets that have not been allocated or special requests, we will not be able to confirm your seating change. When we start to allocate seats, someone that has increased or decreased their order can start a domino effect and we allocate accordingly. We are in the customer service business and we try our best with all of the requests, but with the strong Clemson following, and as much as we would like to accommodate all requests, it is just an impossible task. When we get to your order, the seats or desired area are either available or not available.

Q: I’m going to join IPTAY this year at the $1,400 level and order two Football season tickets. From the IPTAY Seat Equity Plan brochure, it looks like I can get two seats on the 50-yard line valued at $700 each.

A: Seats between the 40’s are valued at $700 each. This price is just a minimum per seat contribution that IPTAY has decided on for the next 5 years. Every person from the previous year has the chance to retain those seats and all seats last football season were sold between the 40’s. When we take the open seats this year and start to allocate at the highest level ($10,000), chances are that we will not make it down to a lower level.

Please continue to refer to The Orange & White as we will continue to communicate and inform our donors as we transition into the new IPTAY Seat Equity Plan. I want to thank all of our season ticket holders and donors for their cooperation and support of our plan. We deeply appreciate all you do to support Clemson Athletics.

Go Tigers!Bill D’AndreaSenior Associate Athletic Director