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2V8 Edges UCF at Natoma Invite

2V8 Edges UCF at Natoma Invite

CLEMSON, S.C. — The Second Varsity 8+ sprinted past UCF to claim a second-place finish in the afternoon session to highlight day one for Clemson rowing at the Lake Natoma Invitational. The event, held in Gold River, Calif., saw the Tigers face two of the nation’s top ranked teams Saturday in No. 2 California and No. 6 Stanford.

The 2V8 found itself well behind in the first half of the race, but slowly came on to overtake UCF with about 300 meters to go. Clemson held on at the finish line, edging the Golden Knights by a mere quarter of a second. UCF entered the regatta receiving votes for the national top 20 in the latest CRCA/USRowing poll.

Clemson’s boats showcased better speed across the board Saturday. The 1V8 finished with times of 6:34.67 and 6:40.96 over the 2,000-meter course. The 2V8 was consistently under 6:45 in both of its races as well.

Clemson returns to action Sunday morning, facing Boston University and host Sacramento State.


Saturday morning

1V8: 1. Stanford 6:19.62; 2. Gonzaga 6:29.30; 3. Clemson 6:40.96

2V8: 1. Stanford 6:29.30; 2. Gonzaga 6:39.11; 3. Clemson 6:44.94

1V4: 1. Stanford 7:08.11; 2. Gonzaga 7:17.79; 3. Clemson 7:23.05

Saturday afternoon

1V8: 1. California 6:11.05; 2. UCF 6:27.72; 3. Clemson 6:34.67

2V8: 1. California 6:19.76; 2. Clemson 6:37.23; 3. UCF 6:37.48

1V4: 1. California 6:58.86; 2. UCF 7:25.78; 3. Clemson 7:29.77


1V8: Emily Goff (coxswain), Julia Meredith, Anna McLean, Sarah Decker, Cassidy Davidson, Isla McRae, Amber Rewis, Amelia Shein, Rebecca Pulsifer

2V8: Kasi Sweisford (coxswain), Emily Radziwon, Kira Ritter, Taryn Carroll, Jenny D’Anthony, Sophia Porach, Elise Sum, Lydia Hanewich, Megan Mars

1V4: Megan Kauffeld (coxswain), Rachel Salvia, Makenna Farr, Julia Mathews, Lorena Croft