Rally Cats

Rally Cats

Rally Cats

The Clemson University Rally Cats Dance Team performs at home football and men’s basketball games.  In addition, the Rally Cats travel to all post-season men’s basketball tournaments if applicable.  Travel rosters are limited to six dancers for men’s basketball tournaments. However, each dancer is required to be available to travel to all post-season tournament play including games during spring break if applicable.

The team is made up of 14 to 18 talented young ladies that not only dance on the sidelines during basketball and football games, but perform halftime routines at basketball games and perform routines at numerous pep rallies and campus events.  Rally Cat dancers also support all athletic teams by making appearances at Solid Orange events.

Rally Cat Practice Schedule/CommitmentBeing a Rally Cat is a time commitment. Dancers practice roughly 3-4 times a week while in season and attend workouts with their own personal trainer twice a week at 6:30 a.m.  In addition, Rally Cats are required to participate in many on- and off-campus events during the year.  

Competition TeamThe Clemson Rally Cats compete at NCA/NDA Collegiate National Championships each April in Daytona Beach, FL. The team has finished in the top 10 for the past eight years with their most recent accomplishment being a fifth-place finish in the Open Division IA.

ExpensesThere are no out-of-pocket expenses as a game day dancer. All game day necessities and travel are provided by the University. In addition, scholarships are now provided for members of the Spirit Squad. The increments are below:

First-year members: $750 (split $375 per semester)Second-year members: $1,000 (split $500 per semester)Third-year members: $1,500 (split $750 per semester)Fourth-year members: $1,500 (split $750 per semester) (You must cheer the ENTIRE year to qualify for scholarships unless you graduate early.)

Competition ExpensesThe University only provides partial coverage on competition fees. Therefore, dancers must fundraise everything not covered by the University, if applicable.

TryoutsSpring Tryouts are held every April. Typically a spring tryout fills all squads; however if any spots are open, a fall tryout would take place in August. For additional tryout information please visit our tryout webpage.