Lady Tiger Honors

NCAA TOURNAMENT APPEARANCES1982, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997NCAA FINAL EIGHT1991NCAA FINAL  161989, 1990WOMEN'S NATIONAL INVITATIONAL TOUR. APPEARANCES1980, 1984, 1995ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS1996ACC REGULAR SEASON CHAMPIONS1981TOP 25 SEASONS1980-81   20th    Associated Press1987-88   20th    USA  Today1988-89   13th    USA  Today1989-90   19th    USA  Today1990-91   8th     USA  Today          21st    Associated  Press1991-92   19th    USA Today          20th    Associated Press1993-94   22nd    USA Today1995-96   14th    Associated Press          17th    USA Today1996-97   21st    Associated Press          25th    USA TodayTOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIPS1977-78   Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational, Clemson, SC1978-79   Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational, Clemson, SC1979-80   North Carolina Christmas Classic, Chapel Hill, NC          Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational, Clemson, SC1980-81   Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational, Clemson, SC1981-82   South Florida Invitational, Tampa, FL1983-84   Wayland Baptist Queen's Classic, Plainview, TX1984-85   Nebraska Invitational, Lincoln, NE1987-88   Georgia Southern Classic, Statesboro, GA1988-89   St. Peter's Invitational, Jersey City, NJ1989-90   Brigham Young Invitational, Provo, UT1990-91   Kansas State Invitational, Manhattan, KS1991-92   South Florida Invitational, Tampa, FL   1992-93   Alabama Tournament, Tuscaloosa, AL          Rutgers Bell Atlantic Tournament, Piscataway, NJ1994-95   Alaska Northern Lights Invitational, Anchorage, AK1995-96   Texas Arlington Tournament, Arlington, TX1996-97   Boise State Tournament, Boise, ID          Dartmouth Tournament, Hanover, NHALL-AMERICANS1981  Barbara Kennedy, Street and Smith All-American      Barbara Kennedy, Fast Break All-American1982  Barbara Kennedy, Kodak All-American      Barbara Kennedy, Women's Basketball Coaches Assoc.All-American      Barbara Kennedy, Fast Break  All-American  (HM)            Barbara Kennedy, Basketball Weekly All-American      Barbara Kennedy, Women's Basketball News Service All-American      (second team)1983  Mary Anne Cubelic, Fast Break All-American (honorable mention)                     Jacqui Jones, Fast Break  Freshman All-American1985  Janet Knight, Fast Break (Third team)      Sandy Bishop, Fast Break (honorable mention)1986  Melinda Ashworth, Fast Break (honorable mention)1988  Karen Ann Jenkins, Fast Break (honorable mention)1989  Michelle Bryant, Fast Break (fourth team)      Louise Greenwood, Fast Break (honorable mention)1990  Kerry Boyatt, Fast Break, Freshman All-American1991  Jackie Farmer, Fast Break (fourth team)      Cheron Wells, Fast Break (honorable mention)1992  Cheron Wells, Fast Break (Third Team)      Shandy Bryan, Fast Break (Honorable Mention)1993  Shandy Bryan, Fast Break (Second Team)      Kerry Boyatt, Fast Break (Honorable Mention)      Jessica Barr, Fast Break (Honorable Mention)      Dana Puckett, Fast Break (Honorable Mention)1994  Jessica Barr, Kodak-All American      Jessica Barr, Basketball America All-AmericanREGION ALL-AMERICANS1981  Barbara Kennedy, Kodak Region III All-American1982  Barbara Kennedy, Kodak Region III All-American1993  Shandy Bryan, Kodak Region III All-American1994  Jessica Barr, Kodak Region III All-American1996  Stephanie Ridgeway, Kodak Region III All-AmericanWADE TROPHY NOMINEES1982  Barbara Kennedy1994  Jessica BarrNCAA TOURNAMENT ALL-REGION TEAM1991  Cheron Wells, NCAA  East Regional All-Tournament ALL-ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE(First -Team unless listed)1978  Donna Forester      Bobbie Mims (Second Team)1979  Cissy Bristol      Barbara Kennedy (Second Team)1980  Barbara Kennedy1981  Barbara Kennedy1982  Barbara Kennedy      Mary Ann Cubelic1983  Mary Anne Cubelic1984  Janet Knight (Second Team)      Jacqui  Jones (Second Team)1985  Janet Knight      Sandy Bishop (Second Team)1988  Karen Ann Jenkins (Second Team)1989  Louise Greenwood (Second Team)      Michelle Bryant (Second Team)1990  Kerry Boyatt (Second Team)1991  Jackie Farmer (Second Team)1992  Cheron Wells (Second Team)1993  Shandy Bryan1994  Jessica Barr1995  Tara Saunooke1996  Stephanie Ridgeway1997  Itoro Umoh (Second Team)ACC All-Freshman Team1996  Amy GerenALL-ACC TOURNAMENT TEAM1978  Donna Forester1981  Barbara Kennedy      Barbara Kennedy (Tournament MVP)1982  Barbara Kennedy      Mary Anne Cubelic      Barbara Kennedy (Tournament MVP)1991  Cheron Wells1993  Shandy Bryan       Jessica Barr1994  Jessica Barr1995  Tara Saunooke (Second Team)1996  Laura Cottrell (Tournament MVP)      Stephanie Ridgeway      Amy Geren (Second Team)      Jaci Stimson (Second Team)1997  Laura Cottrell      Itoro Umoh      Natasha Anderson (Second Team)      Jaci Stimson (Second Team)ACC PLAYER-OF-THE-YEAR1994  Jessica BarrACC ROOKIE-OF-THE-YEAR1979  Barbara Kennedy1980  Sheila Cobb1990  Kerry BoyattACC COACH-OF-THE-YEAR1990  Jim Davis1994  Jim DavisJONES CUP INTERCONTINENTAL TEAM1981  Barbara Kennedy  (Silver Medal)UNITED STATES NATIONAL TEAM1982  Barbara KennedyUNITED STATES OLYMPIC TRIALS1992  Cheron WellsUNITED STATES JUNIOR OLYMPIC TRIALS1992  Tara SaunookeOLYMPIC FESTIVAL1981  Coach Annie Tribble, National Olympic Festival/SouthSquad (Gold Medal)SPORTS ILLUSTRATED PLAYER-OF-THE-WEEKDec. 9-15, 1991 Shandy BryanCLEMSON UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC HALL-OF-FAME1989  Barbara Kennedy1994  Coach Annie Tribble1996  Janet ForesterIPTAY ATHLETE-OF-THE-YEAR1982  Barbara KennedyDR. ROBERT C. EDWARDS SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD1992  Courtney JohnsonJERSEY RETIREMENT1982  Barbara Kennedy  #42RUTGERS/BELL ATLANTIC SCHOLAR ATHLETE AWARD(Presented Annually to the top scholar-athlete participating in theRutgers/Bell Atlantic Tournament.  Clemson was presented $1,000.00in her name for the general scholarship fund.)1992-93   Kerry Boyatt

SOUTH CAROLINA HALL-OF-FAME FEMALE AMATEUR ATHLETE-OF-THE-YEAR 1993 Shandy Bryan 1994 Jessica Barr Robin Roberts/WBCA Sports Communications Scholarship Award 1996 Dory Kidd LADY TIGERS IN THE PROS 1982 Debra Buford, Petroleras de Maracaibo, Venezuelan Semi-Pro Team 1982 Barbara Kennedy Schio, Italian Semi-Pro Team Barbara Kennedy, Virginia Wave 1989 Louise Greenwood, ABC Waremme, Belgum 1991 Jackie Farmer, Galatasary, Turkey 1992 Cheron Wells, Europe 1994 Jessica Barr, ALL-TOURNAMENT SELECTIONS 1977-78 Donna Forester, North Carolina Christmas Classic Donna Forester, MVP, Clemson Lady Tiger Invit. Kathy Wilson,Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational 1978-79 Bobbie Mims, North Carolina Christmas Classic Cissy Bristol, MVP, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational Debra Buford, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational 1979-80 Barbara Kennedy, North Carolina Christmas Classic Sheila Cobb, Tennessee Tech Invitational Barbara Kennedy, Tennessee Tech Invitational Bobbie Mims, MVP, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational Barbara Kennedy, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational Barbara Kennedy, National Women’s Invit. Tour. 1980-81 Barbara Kennedy, MVP, Clemson Lady Tiger Invit. Debra Buford, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational 1981-82 Barbara Kennedy, Wayland Baptist Queens Classic Cissy Bristol, Pittsburgh Classic Barbara Kennedy, Pittsburgh Classic Mary Anne Cubelic, South Flor. Lady Brahman Invit. Barbara Kennedy, South Florida Lady Brahman Invit. Mary Ann Cubelic, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational Barbara Kennedy, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational 1982-83 Denise Marshall, Clemson Lady Tiger Invitational Janet Knight, East Carolina Lady Pirate Classic 1983-84 Janet Knight, MVP Wayland Baptist Queen’s Classic Jacqui Jones, Wayland Baptist Queen’s Classic Janet Knight, Ohio State Buckeye Classic Jacqui Jones, Ohio State Buckeye Classic Janet Knight, National Women’s Invitational Tour. 1984-85 Janet Knight, MVP, Nebraska Invitational 1985-86 Janet Knight, Kentucky Invitational 1987-88 Louise Greenwood, MVP Georgia Southern Invit. Michelle Bryant, Georgia Southern Invitational Susan Fehling, Georgia Southern Invitational 1988-89 Ramona O’Neal, Western Kentucky Invitational Lisa Brown, Middle Tennessee St. Invitational Michelle Bryant, Middle Tennessee St. Invitational Karen Ann Jenkins, St. Peter’s Tournament Ramona O’Neal, St. Peter’s Tournament Louise Greenwood, MVP, St. Peter’s Tournament 1989-90 Jackie Farmer, DePaul Invitational Imani Wilson, Brigham Young Tournament Courtney Johnson, MVP, Brigham Young Tournament 1990-91 Jackie Farmer, California Golden Bear Tournament 1991-92 Cheron Wells, MVP, Vanderbilt Tournament Shandy Bryan, Vanderbilt Tournament Cheron Wells, MVP, South Florida Tournament Shandy Bryan, South Florida Tournament 1992-93 Dana Puckett, Alabama Tournament Shandy Bryan, MVP, Alabama Tournament Rhonda Jackson, Alabama Tournament Shandy Bryan, Rutbers/Bell Atlantic Tournament Dana Puckett, Rutgers/Bell Atlantict Tournament Kerry Boyatt Rutger/Bell Atlantic Tournament Scholar Athlete Award 1993-94 Jessica Barr, MVP, Hilton Head Tournament Tara Saunooke, Hilton Head Tournament Jessica Barr, UNLV Tournament 1994-95 Tara Saunooke, MVP Northern Lights Invitational Laura Cottrell, Northern Lights Invitational Stephanie Ridgeway, Northern Lights Invitational Tara Saunooke, National Women’s Invitational Tournament 1995-96 Amy Geren, Texas Arlington Tournament Stephanie Ridgeway, MVPTexas Arlington Tournament 1996-97 Laura Cottrell, MVP Boise State Tournament Jaci Stimson, Boise State Tournament Itoro Umoh, MVP Dartmouth Tournament Jeanette Davis, Dartmouth Tournament CLEMSON’S ACC PLAYERS-OF-THE-WEEK 1984-85 Feb. 18, Janet Knight 1986-87 Feb. 10, Nickey Lynch Feb. 24, Karen Ann Jenkins 1987-88 Jan. 26, Louise Greenwood Feb. 23, Cheryl Nix 1989-90 Jan. 3, Louise Greenwood Feb. 21, Michelle Bryant Jan. 23, Kerry Boyatt 1990-91 Dec. 17, Jackie Farmer Jan. 7, Shandy Bryan 1991-92 Dec. 17, Shandy Bryan Jan. 27, Courtney Johnson Feb. 17, Shandy Bryan 1992-93 Feb. 1, Shandy Bryan 1993-94 Jan. 17, Jessica Barr Feb. 21, Jessica Barr 1994-95 Feb. 13, Tara Saunooke 1995-96 Feb. 19, Stephanie Ridgeway 1996-97 Dec. 2, Itoro Umoh CLEMSON’S ACC ROOKIE-OF-THE-WEEK 1991-92 Feb. 10, Tara Saunooke 1994-95 Dec. 19, Jeanette Davis 1995-96 Dec. 11, Itoro Umoh Jan. 8, Amy Geren Jan. 22, Amy Geren CLEMSON TEAM AWARDS Annie Tribble Leadership Award 1988 Cheryl Nix 1989 Louise Greenwood 1990 Lisa Brown, Melissa Miller 1991 Peggy Sells and Jackie Mattress 1992 Kim Stephens 1993 Shandy Bryan 1994 Dana Puckett 1995 Renee Rayton 1996 Stephanie Ridgeway 1997 Angie salyer Most Valuable Player 1981 Barbara Kennedy 1982 Mary Anne Cubelic 1983 Mary Anne Cubelic 1984 Denise Marshall 1985 Janet Knight 1986 Melinda Ashworth 1987 Karen Ann Jenkins 1988 Karen Ann Jenkins 1989 Louise Greenwood Michelle Bryant 1990 Kerry Boyatt 1991 Cheron Wells 1992 Cheron Wells 1993 Shandy Bryan 1994 Jessica Barr 1995 Tara Saunooke 1996 Stephanie Ridgeway 1997 Itoro Umoh Most Improved 1981 Annette Wise 1982 Peggy Caple 1983 Peggy Caple Susan Fehling 1984 Peggy Caple 1985 Melinda Ashworth 1986 Nickey Lynch 1987 Ramona O’Neal 1988 Louise Greenwood 1989 Ramona O’Neal Sandy Bishop 1990 Shandy Bryan 1991 Jackie Mattress 1992 Rhonda Jackson 1993 Ade Kwange 1994 Calesha Corder 1995 Angie Salyer 1996 Jeanette Davis 1997 Natasha Anderson Scholastic 1981 Barbara Schmauch 1982 Vicki Tomlinson 1983 Cynthia Austin 1984 Susan Fehling 1985 Mary Nan Ellenberg 1986 Janet Knight, Becky Hollaway 1987 Chris Spackman 1988 Susan Fehling 1989 Becky Hollaway 1990 Courtney Johnson 1991 Courtney Johnson 1992 Courtney Johnson 1993 Shandy Bryan 1994 Renee Rayton 1995 Renee Rayton 1996 Natasha Anderson 1997 Marta Forns ACC ACADEMIC HONOR ROLL 1982-83 Cynthia Austin Mary Anne Cubelic Janet Knight 1983-84 Susan Fehling Peggy Fitzsimmons 1984-85 Susan Fehling Amy Geist Janet Knight Cheryl Nix 1985-86 Janet Knight 1986-87 Becky Hollaway 1987-88 Susan Fehling Becky Hollaway 1988-89 Becky Hollaway Courtney Johnson 1989-90 Kerry Boyatt Courtney Johnson Angie Peters Jackie Mattress 1990-91 Courtney Johnson Jackie Mattress 1991-92 Kerry Boyatt Shandy Bryan Courtney Johnson 1992-93 Tara Saunooke 1993-94 Jessica Barr Renee Rayton 1994-95 Brook Staebell Renee Rayton Dory Kidd 1995-96 Natasha Anderson Auturmn Sam 1996-97 Natasha Anderson Jeanette Davis Marta Forns Amy Geren Anette Percy Angie Salyer Autumn Sam