Donation Requests


This Autograph Request Form must be completed by the person/organization seeking the autograph. This form includes Guidelines for Autographed Items and the NCAA Bylaws Regarding Promotional Activities.

Any person requesting an autograph item other than an autograph photo of a head coach must provide the item (football, basketball, etc.). No items will be provided by the Clemson University or the Clemson Athletic Department.

If the auction item(s) or proceeds from the auction are going to benefit high-school-age students or student groups in any way, we cannot help. These students are potential student-athletes and therefore, it is an NCAA violation for us to donate to these fund-raisers.

All requests will be reviewed for compliance with Clemson University, ACC, and NCAA regulations. Only after the request has been approved by Compliance, will it be considered for a donation from Clemson University Athletics.

Below are additional guidelines:

  1. Clemson University Athletic Department can not provide tickets to any sporting event
  2. Clemson University Athletic Department can not facilitate any autographs from Clemson Student-Athletes
  3.  Due to a large volume, the timing of autograph request fulfillment cannot be guaranteed
  4. Please limit your request to one item.

The Marketing Office will contact the person/organization and inform them if their request has been approved or denied.

The item needs to be mailed to the following address. Any additional shipping costs or postage must be paid for by the person or organization seeking the autograph.

Mailing Address:
Clemson University Athletic Marketing Department
P.O. Box 31
Clemson, SC 29633

Shipping Address:
Clemson University Athletic Marketing Department
100 Perimeter Rd.
Clemson, SC 29634

After the item has been autographed, the item will then be shipped back to the organization (at their expense) or can be picked up in the Marketing Office in Suite 108 of the McFadden Building.

For more information please contact:

Mike Money
Assistant Athletic Director
Phone: 864-656-2978

Completion of this form does NOT guarantee Clemson Athletics can fulfill the request.

This form must be accompanied by signed copies of:
Guidelines for Autographed Items and NCAA Bylaws Regarding Promotional Activities.

This organization is

Is this organization labeled a 501C nonprofit agency?

What age group does this organization benefit?

Will money be raised?

Will there be commercial sponsorship or co-sponsorship for this event?

Will there be any advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency?

Are you requesting an autographed photo of a Clemson head coach (Limit 1 photo)?

If so, please indicate which sport and/or head coach: